• "As the dust is settling, I want to thank you again for your efforts, not only in preparing your expert
    testimony, but in assisting us in preparing an overview of the case.  Your testimony in deposition
    surprised our opponents and made them more apprehensive about their position."

  • "You did a terrific job, and on that account, the jury exonerated our client from otherwise unjust
    charges.  You offered the cogent proof in a very believable and understandable manner."

  • "Thanks again for the excellent job you did.  I think we won the battle of the economists in a

  • "Thank you for being an excellent expert witness for us.  I appreciate working with you, Alan,
    because your in-depth analysis is always helpful to us and raises new issues we had never
    thought of before.  I believe the neutral arbitrator liked you very much."

  • "When we interviewed the jury after the case, they all said that they didn't understand what it was
    about until you took the stand as the last witness."

  • "Anderson really is an expert."
Energy Planning, Inc.
Houston, Texas

Client Comments
Alan Anderson. Ph. D.
Energy Planning, Inc.
25 Years of Serving the Natural Gas Industry