• Ringwood Gathering Co. and Ringwood Marketing Co., President
    Responsible for regulatory filings, pipeline operations, and gas sales of this interstate gas
    pipeline company.

  • GasMark, Inc., Chairman of the Board and CEO
    Responsible for all operations of this gas marketing company which traded gas in interstate
  • United Gas Pipe Line Co., Manager of Planning
    Led the planning and economic analysis group which developed forecasting models to evaluate
    company performance and prepared the company wide economic outlooks.

  • LTV Aerospace/McDonnell-Douglas Aerospace, Systems Engineer
    As Senior Systems Engineer in aircraft and spacecraft flight simulation laboratories, designed
    and implemented  programs for NASA's Skylab docking procedure and for the Navy's A-7
    weapons delivery system.
Energy Planning, Inc.
Houston, Texas

Alan Anderson, Ph. D.
Energy Planning, Inc.
25 Years of Serving the Natural Gas Industry