A little about me:

  • I grew up and went to high school in Grand Prairie, Texas.  I
    then went to Rice University in Houston, Texas, where I met and
    married my wife, Betsy.  We spent ten years living in the Mid-
    Atlantic states of Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and
    Pennsylvania while I was in graduate school and then a
    professor.  In 1979, we moved back to Houston.

  • Betsy and I have three grown children.  The oldest is a
    business consultant in San Francisco;  our middle child is
    practicing law in Houston; and our youngest is currently
    enrolled in the University of Texas Law School.

  • In my spare time I run marathons and coach a marathon
    training program.
Energy Planning, Inc.
Houston, Texas

Alan Anderson, Ph. D.
Energy Planning, Inc.
25 Years of Serving the Natural Gas Industry