• Expert Witness

    Dr. Anderson has had extensive experience in the analysis of complex issues involved in
    litigation, preparation for trial and testifying in state  and federal courts and before state and
    federal regulatory boards.  He has testified on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants and on behalf
    of producers, pipelines, marketers and consumers.  Attached is a representative list of  law
    firms that have retained EPI on their cases and some of their comments about our work.

  • Gas Market Strategies

    Dr. Anderson has worked with large natural gas consumers and producers to formulate and
    implement buying and selling strategies.  The issues addressed include hedging, sourcing,
    contracting, and regulatory issues.  He developed and implemented the complete gas buying
    system for the largest local distribution company  in Texas.  The system was recognized by the
    Staff of the Texas Railroad Commission as setting a new standard for the industry.
Energy Planning, Inc.
Houston, Texas

Alan Anderson, Ph. D.
Energy Planning, Inc.
25 Years of Serving the Natural Gas Industry